Ministries - Adult

Hellenic Academy

For many years now, the academy has taught the Greek Language within a rich cultural framework. You are welcome to join our school and experience the warmth of belonging to our community no matter what your background.

Bible Studies

Our Cathedral has several bible groups that meet during the week and on Sunday before Divine Liturgy. The participants explore the Holy Scripture, Sacraments, Traditions and history of the Orthodox Church, through interactive catechism and dialogue.

Byzantine Latino Quarter Foundation (BLQ)

Saint Sophia Cathedral has teamed up with St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Loyola High School and other local institutions to create a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing, empowering and cleaning up our common neighborhood. We believe that for our neighborhood to thrive, we all need to work together as a community family.



These dedicated volunteers offer their time during the week. They are the stewards that help us keep our Cathedral open to the public for visitations. They facilitate tours for individuals and groups, sharing the rich culture and spiritual history of our Orthodox faith. They warmly greet those who enter, looking for a safe place to pray or just for some personal time. Our docents participate in a truly vital outreach ministry of our church.

Saint Sophia Foundation

The Saint Sophia Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the creation of two $1,500 scholarships for eligible students with our community. One will be for a graduating high school student and the other for a college or post-graduate student.

These two scholarships are in honor of two of the greatest leaders of our community from the San Julian church, to the founding of our Saint Sophia community up through the Faith, Vision and Community Campaign for Building Expansion. John and Angelo were true leaders, visionaries and stalwart servants on behalf of Saint Sophia Cathedral and its community.


Sophia Cathedral is proud to have one of Los Angeles’ most accomplished and beautiful church choirs. They received the Best Choir of the Year award from L.A. Magazine. Members give a very special gift to our Cathedral community. They offer their talents and gifts to God and help lead us in worship. In addition to singing during the Divine Liturgy, members of our choir participate in our annual Christmas concert and various other special engagements throughout the year. Interested parties of all ages are encouraged to become part of this ministry. As a member of the choir, you will meet people with similar interests and enjoy a wonderful fellowship.


This women’s group has been historically the backbone of philanthropic activity throughout the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in America. Besides providing its members with the host of enjoyable social activities each year, Philoptochos gives away thousands of dollars to worthy charities and individuals, both nationally and internationally. The group also has a vigorous outreach program, through which local shut-ins are visited, given gifts during the holidays, and generally are remembered by the Church. All women of our Church are highly encouraged to consider membership in this vital group.

Parish Council

This body as a whole is responsible for the daily administrative workings of our Cathedral community, ensuring that bills are properly paid, that a responsible yearly budget is created, that proper grounds maintenance occurs, and a host of other issues. Members also work with our clergy to create new programs and ministries for the faithful of our community. Most importantly, Parish Council members are called upon to be spiritual role models for our community.