Saint Sophia Foundation & Parish Council

Saint Sophia Foundation - 2022

Foundation Scholarships

  • John S. Sakellaris Scholarship – College/Post-Graduate Student
  • Angelo L. Pappas Scholarship – Graduating High School Senior Student

The Saint Sophia Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the creation of two $1,500 scholarships for eligible students with our community. One will be for a graduating high school student and the other for a college or post-graduate student.

These two scholarships are in honor of two of the greatest leaders of our community from the San Julian church, to the founding of our Saint Sophia community up through the Faith, Vision and Community Campaign for Building Expansion. John and Angelo were true leaders, visionaries and stalwart servants on behalf of Saint Sophia Cathedral and its community.

Click Here To Download the Application [PDF]

Constantine M. Boukidis, President

The members of the Foundation are the Trustees of the Cathedral. Four members are elected or re-elected each year for a three-year term. The Dean of the Cathedral and President of the Parish Council are also members of the Foundation and are elected each year for a one-year term. Most members of this board have served on previous Parish Councils, and presently, six Trustees are past Parish Council Presidents of Saint Sophia. The Foundation provides continuity, holds title to all the properties, all investments, and is responsible for raising funds for capital improvements.

Executive Officers

    • Constantine M. Boukidis, President
    • Gig Kyriacou, 1st Vice-President
    • Jim Zaferis, 2nd Vice-President
    • Diane Sakellaris Lapa, Secretary
    • Nicholas Manolelis, Treasurer


    • V. Rev. Fr. John S. Bakas, Dean
    • Tina Callas
    • Timi Loomos Freshman
    • Steve Hanna
    • Tony Natsis
    • Melanie O’Regan
    • John Peterson
    • George E. Preonas
    • Jack Stumpus
    • Jean Paul Wardy
    • Anna Yallourakis

Presidential Appointments

    • Andrew J. Demetriou, Foundation General Counsel
    • Mary Kay Demetriou
    • Daniel J. Kirages
    • Sam Konugres
    • Dinah Wellington

Trustees Emeritus

  • Andrew Evangelatos
  • Alek Haidos
  • John T. Pappas

Parish Council - 2022

Anna Yallourakis, President

Members of this group are elected by our congregation yearly for 3 terms of service. Some members of Parish Council are then elected by the council to fill Officer roles, which include President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. This body as a whole is responsible for the daily administrative workings of our Cathedral community, ensuring that bills are properly paid, that a responsible yearly budget is created, that proper grounds maintenance occurs, and a host of other issues. Members also work with our clergy to create new programs and ministries for the faithful of our community. Most importantly, Parish Council members are called upon to be spiritual role models for our community. They must exhibit model Christian behavior, be respectful of one another and the community, and always work with our priests to build a strong parish. Parish Council is one of the most demanding volunteer positions in our community, but also one of the most vital and rewarding.

The Saint Sophia Parish Council is a dedicated group of people committed to the furtherance of the Orthodox Faith and responsible for the operations of Saint Sophia Cathedral. They have regularly scheduled monthly meetings, and each member is a liaison to other organizations within the Church. Their responsibilities and duties include the maintenance of the physical plan, creating a budget, ushering every Sunday at services and special events, planning our annual Easter picnic and Summer festival, and many other vital acts of stewardship.

Perhaps most importantly, the Parish Council members are all called upon to be true emissaries of good will, Christian friendship and Orthodox spirituality among the people of the parish. Being a member of the Parish Council is not a “job” or “task” but, we believe, a true calling and vocation.


    • Anna Yallourakis, President
    • Daniel Settlemayer, Vice President
    • Bill Striglos, Treasurer
    • Kathleen Kyriacou, Asst. Treasurer
    • Tonifaye Palomares, Recording Secretary

Board Members

    • Bertha Angels
    • Greg Beers
    • Vickie Deryiades
    • Christos Klapsis
    • Loula Moschonas
    • Vasilis Tomaras
    • Andrew Powell
    • Julian Rebiga
    • Michael Yallourakis
    • Dr. Stephen Yallourakis

  Board of Auditors

  • James Boltinghouse
  • Michele Panagiota Olivar
  • Nicholas Manolelis