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People from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds find their way into Orthodox Christianity and feel a sense of home at Saint Sophia Cathedral in Los Angeles.

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What if there’s another way?
Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, where you don’t have to be Greek to be an Orthodox Christian.

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The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is one of the seven sacraments observed by the Orthodox Church.


Fr. Bakas is the Dean of Saint Sophia Cathedral and Greek Orthodox Community of Los Angeles since 1995. 


Keep, Practice and Proclaim the Orthodox Christian Faith

  1. Sanctify and Enhance the Life of the Faithful
  2. Proclaim and Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  3. Add to the Number of the Faithful through Outreach and Evangelism

Believe, Belong and Be Loved through
Christian Stewardship

The Joy of Believing comes from believing in God, to
whom we give our love, loyalty and trust.

The Joy of Belonging comes from becoming
practicing Stewards by being responsible caretakers
of His House of Worship and lovingly participating
in the life of His Church.

We are truly grateful to you for your stewardship
devotion which enables our Church to faithfully serve
our families.


Recognizing that as Christians, we are all referred to by the same title, “Servant”, “The servant of God…” What an honor it is to share that title with each of you. Though we all share the exact same title, each of us may not share the exact same talents or gifts. Your gifts are uniquely yours but necessary and needed by each of us. Isn’t it amazing that the wonderful work of the Lord, is so magnificently expressed and touches so many lives, through the many ministries of Saint Sophia, and all of it, through the hands of volunteers, you, the Servants of God.